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Mrs Evans’ Last Incarnation Before Her Present Life  

She reveals much in her fifth life, as Anne Tasker, a London sewing girl in Queen Anne’s time at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries.


She made one reference, however, which illustrates a difficulty for researchers in this field. She referred to the death of William, the Queen’s ‘only child’, an allusion which critics fasten upon as an obvious inaccuracy. Yet it is true in the sense that Anne’s son, upon whom all her hopes rested, was her only remaining child. Hit or miss? 

Mrs Evans’ last incarnation before her present life was as Sister Grace, born in 19thcentury Des Moines, Iowa, and a member of an enclosed order. The nun has not been identified, because no registration of birth in Iowa was required until the 1920s and although censuses existed, they were not accurate. All that is known is that Sister Grace showed a knowledge of contemporary events that Jane seemingly did not have. 


It is reasonable to expect that Mrs Evans would have spoken the languages of her incarnations, and a considerable research has been carried out on paranormal speaking in foreign tongues. However, most subjects, when regressed to previous lives in other lands, do not adopt the language of the time or the country. When Arnall Bloxham was asked if any of his subjects spoke in a foreign tongue, he replied no, for if they had he would not have understood them. But his subjects pronounced the names of cities and people correctly according to the pronunciation of the country (not Munich, for example, but ‘München’).